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DesignEx 2006


DesignEx was the venue to formally launch the much anticipated ‘Signature Series’ of doors. It proved a great start to a new era and The ‘Signature Series’ was so well received it won the coveted Product Design Award for Furniture.

We were especially fortunate this year to have architect Dale Jones-Evans to design the stand. Both he and  Aspa Sagiotis were tireless in their creativity and their ‘manpower’ in creating a true work of art.

Our 40 square metre ‘Lustre’ wall also proved a huge hit and was no doubt an integral part of the decision to make an Honourable Mention of Axolotl Group in the award for Best Dressed Stand.

Titled ‘Artwall No. 2’, the wall is a perfect example of what can be achieved using Lustre glass and demonstrates the flexibility of being able to create a simple or complex design using this medium. The wall was manufactured using Lustre Pearl, and was deep carved, mirrored and backlit.