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Rouse Hill


Axolotl have been busy this last quarter working on projects as diverse as the new Westpac on George Street,  the Wentworth Hotel and the new Rouse Hill Town Centre. All are major projects and all quite diverse in their style.

Rouse Hill, pictured above and below, comprises over 1000 sq m of rust coated lasercut aluminium screens, door frames and I beams. To match the design, the glass in the 48 four metre tall door frames were printed with Axolotl’s new Miro laminated glass 13.52mm thick.

The overall effect is quite spectacular thanks to the genius of Philip Chia. It’s definitely worth a trip to Rouse Hill for a look.

Axolotl currently have over 150 projects underway that include Lindt, Star City, Rockpool, Park Regis, American Express and Ernst and Young.