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Make An Entrance


When doors are the first thing you notice on entering a home it is surprising that they seem to be the last thing you think about. So it is interesting that studies in the US commissioned by door manufacturer, Therma-tru, revealed a larger, more elaborate door can significantly increase a home's perceived value. As much as 3.2% to 6.6%! According to Therma-Tru, this was an increase in value of four to five times the cost of the door.

Axolotl have been innovating door design for a number of years now and have two new designs to whet your appetite - the Mecanno door featured here in Zinc, and our routered Floral door in pewter.

If these still aren’t individual enough for you, how about creating a personal statement with your own design. It is easy with Axolotl as any design element used within the residence can be incorporated in to your front door design.As all our doors are custom made, these designs can follow through to side or header panels which can be constructed to any size in either metal or glass.


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