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Link up with Veil


18 months on from winning best new product at Designex for 'Link', Axolotl have produced some beautiful new designs when combining the technology of 'Link' and the subtle beauty of 'Veil', our carved glass range.

The designs above, Poppy, Avalanche and Espresso, are just three examples of the endless possibilities to create a stunning glass feature in your domestic or commercial project.

Rust is inlaid into the glass on one face and a complementary pattern is carved onto the other, creating depth and tridimensionality. This product is ideal for any location where a sense of privacy is required, whilst allowing light and movement to be retained.

A similarly striking effect can be achieved through Veil alone which involves carving a design to both faces. Varying degrees of visual obscurity can be achieved, depending on the chosen pattern and scale, providing varying degrees of privacy. Our latest designs in this range are Frond, Oceanic, Lava and Nexus.

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