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Axolotl 'Vanguard' Doors


Carved Crack - Copper Smooth w Pearl Patina

Oversize doors are more popular now than ever. Which is unsurprising considering the unique statement they make.

Using conventional substrates for oversize doors, however, can present challenges including weight, workability and warping.

The 'Vanguard' door overcomes these restrictions. 'Vanguard' consists of two layers of a specialised composite laminated to an aluminium frame. The outer skin provides a durable layer with long-term structural stability and excellent chemical and moisture resistant properties. The specialised composite allows the faces to be routered or machined to a pre-determined depth without compromising the integrity of the door.

The door featured has a unique 'cracked' design carved into the face of the door continuing across onto the side panel. The door is bonded with Axolotl Copper Smooth Pearl.

However you can take your creative ideas to the limit as the 'Vanguard' door can be bonded with any Axolotl metal and effect.

The same structural technology is also used for gates and garage doors allowing you to coordinate these elements to make a big design statement.

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