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White is the New Black


A neutral palette can make just as dramatic an impact as colour. The simplicity of white in a design scheme and subtlety of design through form alone can evoke space, clarity and calm. Veil from Axolotl Glass is an ideal way to bring these elements into your design scheme.


Veil Micro is one of the latest products in our Veil glass collection. Using the latest technology, detail as small as 0.5mm can be etched into the face of the glass, creating a permanent design imprint that appears as if floating mid air. Ideal for fine text and intricate forms & patterns, you can choose from one of our standard designs, or use one of your own.

Also brand new to Axolotl's Veil range is Veil Diffuse. Your design is carved into one or both faces of the glass and then one face is matte blasted entirely creating translucency. The sharp edges of the design are diffused and softened creating a subtle effect with the added benefit of privacy, whilst still allowing the transmission of movement and light. Any pattern can be incorporated, the options are quite literally only limited by the imagination.

All products in the Veil range can be used for feature walls, doors, partitions and balustrades just to name a few, for internal and outdoor, commercial and residential applications