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Introducing: Concrete


Pioneering the next revolution in contemporary surfacing technology- Axolotl are proud to introduce our new Concrete range of surfaces. Incorporating 10 years of research and development, Axolotl Concrete can be applied to virtually any solid surface at any size and shape and can be utilised in interior or exterior environments.

Axolotl Concrete is a cutting edge, sustainable, lightweight and cost effective aesthetic alternative to solid concrete.

Axolotl concrete has already received outstanding industry recognition being currently short-listed in the Australian International Design Awards, and soon to be showcased for one year in the Powerhouse Museum ‘Success and Innovation’ gallery.


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Description and Principal Function Axolotl Concrete coating is 0.5mm thick and can be applied to virtually any solid surface of any size or shape giving the object the appearance of solid concrete without any of the associated restrictive, or environmental, issues. Axolotl’s patented (pending) technology is a world first, enabling concrete to be applied to embossed or debossed surfaces, etched or patterned with various textures.

Axolotl Concrete can be used for interior and exterior applications and is available in a range of colours.

Key Features and Benefits, Unlimited design possibilities Axolotl Concrete can be applied to virtually any substrate material of any shape or form. Patterns and textures can be carved into the substrate then coated, or imprinted onto the surface of the concrete creating an unconventional juxtaposition of fine detail in what is traditionally a construction material. The surface can also be inlaid with metal or resins. Application opportunities are endless ranging from walls and kitchen bench tops, to signage and sculpture.

Axolotl Concrete’s tactile surfaces engage the user begging to be touched and when applied to glass, create the illusion of solid concrete floating in mid air.

Lightweight facilitating ease of construction and installation Incorporating a concrete aesthetic can be prohibitive in instances where it is either difficult, even impossible, to install pre-cast concrete objects, or to pour concrete in-situ, due to associated limitations including access, weight, size, cost of installation and curing time.

With Axolotl Concrete, panels, objects and forms can be constructed offsite from any substrate including lightweight sustainable materials. The object is then coated in concrete using Axolotl’s patent pending technology to create the illusion of a solid concrete object. The object is then complete and ready for easy installation, with no onsite construction work required.

Sustainable alternative to solid concrete The quantity of raw materials required for 1 square metre of Axolotl Concrete is just 1.5% of raw materials required for the same surface area of solid concrete. This translates to a fraction of the carbon emissions of the production of solid concrete.

Using a lightweight sustainable substrate for construction, an item coated with Axolotl Concrete weighs up to 20 times less than a cast concrete object of the same size reducing carbon emissions released in transport.

Increased flexibility in application of concrete Axolotl Concrete opens up limitless possibilities in concrete for designers and architects which were previously impossible in solid concrete whether due to weight and functionality restrictions or simply the limitations of the material itself.

New applications never before realised include but aren’t limited to doors, garage doors, sculptural forms and joinery.

Axolotl Concrete offers Australia the opportunity to be a world leader in this type of secondary innovation.