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Culture Shift


Axolotl projects: LINK entry facade, Delhi. From a recent collaboration between Axolotl and Michael McCann from Dreamtime Australia Design comes this stunning entry door and facade for Aman Hotel in New Delhi, India.

Utilising the award winning Axolotl LINK, the pattern spans 4 separate panels at the full height of the entrance, bringing an air of grandeur that befits the calibre of the Aman brand. LINK is a totally unique process where iron is inlaid into glass and rusted to create virtually any design at all.

McCann explained to Axolotl that when designing he set out to blend the modern and contemporary with the cultural traditions of the area. The result is a pattern inspired by local textiles and mosaics found in New Delhi.

The final result is a great example of the international capabilities of Axolotl and proves good design combined with bespoke materials is unrestricted by time or distance.