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Chinese Lantern


Axolotl projects: Feature glass in Chinatown 

Those visiting the bustling inner Sydney district of Chinatown recently will have been treated to the dazzling glow of red light from a new information kiosk.

This concept was designed by Frost* Design and Lacoste + Stevenson Architects, with feature glass supplied by Axolotl.

The feature walls were created using toughened and curved glass, with a textured Graphite design adding dimension and tactile interest. Daytime throws sun onto graphite creating shine, whilst at night the kiosk comes alive with the area being backlit to contrast the red with solid graphite.

David Stevenson explains the concept, "The conversion of the seating pagoda in Dixon Street to an information kiosk to service Chinatown called for a sympathetic and contextual design. The design approach is to treat the new enclosure as a patterned red lantern by day which is illuminated by night. The lantern is inserted inside the existing pagoda structure and is clearly understood as a new volume. It consists of 2 semi-circular volumes that are clad with patterned, curved glass; the pattern was created by paper-cut artist Pamela Mei-Leng See with cultural reference to the Chinese community including flowers, fish and birds. The sliding semi-circle of glass screens open to reveal a hot red interior that houses a wall of shelving for brochures, pamphlets and tourist information."

This project was made possible thanks to: City of Sydney, Frost* Design, Lacoste + Stevenson Architects, Lighting, Art & Science, Simpson Design Associates, Philip Chun, Morris Goding, Pamela Mei-Leng See, Growthbuilt, AGP Group (Architectural Glass Projects), Bent & Curved, DDK Electrical Services Pty Limited, Top Class Joinery Pty Limited and Axolotl.