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Happy New Year!


2013 was a great year for Axolotl and full of firsts and finals.  

Highlights of firsts were the launch of our furniture brand Anomaly, as well as working with Grand Designs on the amazing Forest Lodge Eco House. Naturally, this is alongside all the creative and exciting projects by architects and designers which never cease to inspire. We sincerely look forward to working with you all again this year.

As for finals, we were shortlisted as one of three contenders from an international line-up to create two feature walls for Hong Kong airport. At this point in time, everything is crossed for success which will be an accolade not just for Axolotl and the many partner companies who have become part of this project, but also for Australian design and manufacturing.

The images here are of two recent projects completed late last year. This beautiful garage door has been carved with our Cortex pattern which has been coated in Bronze and naturally aged to a florentine patina, giving an authentic and commanding entry for this client.

Axolotl are the leaders in metal surface technology and offer several varied options in Rust alone, this second beautiful garage door features a naturally aged Marine Rust.

Finally, we have started the year creating profiles on Pinterest and Instagram (Axolotl & Anomaly), enabling you to save images for design inspiration and to stay in tune with what we are up to. We have also set up a new Anomaly Facebook page, and make sure to keep updated with recent Axolotl projects by liking our Axolotl Facebook page.


Whilst we are unable to disclose our design for the Hong Kong airport due to confidentiality agreements, we can let you know that it is an exciting cutting edge technology, made specifically for this project.