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Axolotl Projects: LINK Glass


Nestled under No1 Pacific Place, Chatswood is a thoroughfare that is above the ordinary.

Axolotl was commissioned by Mirvac Special Projects, to create a back-lit glass feature wall to run the length of the walkway. Artist Pamela See was called on to create the stunning artwork that adorns the glass who then implemented our unique palette of processes to execute the artwork to full effect. 

The Axolotl 'LINK' glass features an Axolotl Copper coating bonded to frosted laminated glass and then aged with a Verdigris patina. Pamela's artwork was then carved through the metal to allow subtle blades of light to penetrate the surface. The artwork continues through to custom designed, laser cut steel gates at both ends.

This walkway is in an area that could have easily been overlooked but is now thought of as the crown jewel of the development. It’s a testimony to how thoughtful art can define an area with a distinctive character and support a positive ecology in the life that works and lives within it.

This is the second successfully completed collaboration with Pamela See and Axolotl. The other being the widely acclaimed and award winning Chinatown Kiosk, we featured last year.