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Axolotl Projects: Anzac Poppies, Awards


Axolotl was recently requested by Distinctive Living Design to help create a thought provoking and meaningful tribute to the ANZAC's, which was launched as part of the ANZAC day commemorations this year. The poppies were made from hand beaten steel and Axolotl accentuated this feature by applying custom finish to the petals and a textural concrete to the stems.


Axolotl continue to be at the forefront of door design and gates and garage doors are no exception. The first example below, is a series of zinc gates with a double-screen design, that provides structural integrity and security whilst maintaining a contemporary aesthetic.

The second is a textural nickel finish, applied to a garage door and entry door, that achieves consistency across the two different door materials.

View more gates and garage doors here.

Axolotl Awards

With an in-depth knowledge of design, processes and materials, Axolotl is often called upon to design and create awards that truly defy the status quo.

The NSW Creative Laureate award below, both designed and made by the Axolotl team, boasts a stunning copper warratah blossom, contrasted by the concrete base.

For over 10 years Axolotl has created the DesignEX awards, creating something new each year. This year the awards were cast in solid concrete, juxtaposed by silver and gold gilding.

For more great ideas for awards and other projects please get in touch.