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A Touch of Brass


Showcasing the new Axolotl Sheet Metal range, this beautiful aged brass counter can be found at Space Furniture’s flagship Sydney store.

Constructed from panels of 1.2mm brass sheet, each piece was individually aged with a brown florentine and polished. The brass was left unsealed, to naturally tarnish in situ.

Tarnished sheet metals create a beautiful burnished effect that continues to age and change over time through environmental factors and the human touch. The result - an ever evolving patchwork of lustrous metals of unique shape and patina.

Axolotl Sheet Metals are available in a range of metals and ageing effects – using solid Zinc, Brass and Copper sheets, the range includes black steel, and tarnished bronze effects.

Axolotl sheet metals, are available in a variety of thicknesses and can be used where sheet metal is required in lieu of our decorative metal coatings. This range offers architects and designers the ability to specify pre-aged panels on a new build or renovation, avoiding bright and inconsistent 'fresh' metal, while ensuring the characteristics of the solid metal are retained.

To see images of the Axolotl Sheet metal range please click here.

For further information on Axolotl Sheet Metals, or to discuss your own unique project requirements please contact Axolotl on 02 9666 1207 or