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Sam Marshall | Axolotl Luminaries

Each quarter Axolotl puts a series of questions to an industry luminary to an insight into both their talent and their feel for the future. This issue we introduce Sam Marshall from Architect Marshall. Sam’s contemporary designs have won him numerous awards over the years, recognition for what we are sure you will agree is an enormous talent.

What keeps you inspired?

The amazing world around me, people’s ability to continue to innovate when it seems everything has been created, the optimism of the 1960’s and especially contemporary art.

What project do you consider to be your greatest achievement so far?

Having a beautiful wife and two beautiful daughters.

Have you ever refused to comply with a client request or design? If so, why?

All the time. If it wasn’t that way, clients wouldn’t employ architects.

Are there any architects whose work encapsulates your own ideals?

Many but not all in one person.

Did/do you have a mentor?

George Freeman pointed me in the right direction, opening my eyes to masterful articulation of space, light and materials, that anything is possible and to be ever creative is all important.

Which Australian building excites you the most?

Yike! I think Australia Square Tower by Harry Seidler is a cracker that will continue to last the test of time. It is elegant, well proportioned, structurally innovative, and generous and democratic like no other at street level. It gave Sydney its only public Calder sculpture, Corb tapestry and now stunning Sol Lewitt mural. It’s construction method was innovative and it also brought Nervi to Australia.

What do you see as key trends over the next couple of years in domestic or commercial design?

Demand for unique expression.

Which trend in architecture or design are you totally over?

Slats and train smash architecture.

Do you see a lot of development in Sydney over the next year or so? Property development?

Yes – it’s a great place to live.