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Art in Review


Axolotl Art Projects are excited to showcase a selection of the recent public art projects and art collections we have been involved in.

Mallee (pictured above), by artist Jade Oakley is the most recently installed public artwork going up in its new home at Bendigo hospital early last month. A set of six kinetic mobiles link between two buildings at the new Bendigo Hospital, injecting the narrow void with an ever-changing canvas for the patients, staff and visitors to enjoy.

Each mobile is constructed from hand forged stainless steel hoops, a vine of intertwined stainless steel leaves with woven copper centres span the diameter. The mobiles were treated in Axolotl Copper metal and feature dappled green verdigris ageing.

Axolotl Art projects were commissioned to produce this intricate glass artwork, drawn by eminent Chinese pop artist Jacky Tsai. The piece is on its way to be installed in the Rouge Lounge on the Genting Dream Luxury cruise liner.

A fusion of pop culture and traditional themes synonymous with Jacky Tsai, the artwork is presented as a glowing red light box reminiscent of Chinese lanterns. The entry artwork has been created from custom laminated red glass with Axolotl Brass metal LINK on the surface. With intricate details as fine as 1mm wide, it took the Axolotl team over 120 hours just to produce the detail on the artwork.

SMC Design Art Consultancy sourced art for the Genting Dream on an international level and worked with renowned artists, as well exciting up-and-coming talent. Our own Emmaline Tuza was also commissioned to create a series of eight custom artworks for the Junket room on the luxury cruise liner.

The oblique distance set above by artist Lynne Roberts-Goodwin was created for her for closeupatadistance exhibition held in October at Kronenberg Wright Artists Projects in Sydney.

The set consists of twenty photo-etched negatives, laser embossed and etched onto 10mm thick aluminium metal. Within this key series the work has engaged with the Dead Sea and surrounding contested sites of environmental and political impact from aerially oblique and ground positions.

We also had the pleasure of working with Jade Oakley on her private commission for Otto Ristorante Brisbane.

Sketches of intertwined mangroves inspired from Jade’s first site visit were translated into laser cut, hand rolled and welded mangroves in 3mm thick Brass sheet, aged to represent tide and watermarks. The tips of the branches are adorned with kinetic mobiles with leaf elements in brass, stained timber and dyed silk which move gently in the breeze coming in off the river.

These projects, along with many of our latest art projects can be seen in more detail on the Axolotl Art Projects website. You also can find more information on showcased artists through their websites below.