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Florence Broadhurst x Axolotl


Florence Broadhurst

Acknowledged by TIME magazine as one of the world’s most influential post-war designers, Florence Broadhurst's signature designs are as recognised in design today as they were when first released in the 1960’s.

We are big fans of her work, and as such are thrilled to announce that in partnership with the Signature Design Archive, Axolotl will now represent the iconic Australian designer’s range!

Florence Broadhurst’s celebrated designs can now be used with Axolotl’s metal, glass, concrete & timber products. Over 500 iconic prints ranging from tapestries to geometrics, florals, psychedelic, and delightfully eccentric chinoiserie can now be transformed into breathtaking laser cut screens, custom entry doors, feature walls and more.

To help inspire your next project, we showcase examples of how Florence Broadhurst designs can be used with Axolotl’s semi precious metals, concrete, laser cut screens and LINK glass below.

With a variety of patterns for all design styles, you will have no problem choosing a design for your next project. The samples above exemplify how when paired with the right Axolotl processes Broadhurst's designs can translate effortlessly into elegant, vintage, and modern features. Coupled with Axolotl's ability to carve, etch, inlay, emboss, laser cut, patina, invert and scale the designs - the possibilities are limitless.

Make an appointment to come in and speak with our team, and we will work with you to determine the best way to use a Florence Broadhurst design on your next project.

To see more of the Florence Broadhurst for Axolotl range, including design folios with descriptions of how the designs can be expressed through Axolotl materials please click here or contact us on 02 9666 1207.