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Marcel Cousins
Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2017
A three dimensional experience. Like a Japanese garden the work aims to represent an
experience of nature but one that has been manipulated and highly stylised.
Materials: Aluminium, steel, paint

Sculpture by the Sea at Bondi is one of Sydney’s most popular events with up to 500,000 visitors each year. Staged on the spectacular Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk, this free to the public exhibition captures the imagination of Sydney and its visitors for three weeks each spring. Sculpture by the Sea has grown since its inaugural show in 1997 and is now the largest annual sculpture exhibition in the world, this year showcasing 104 sculptures by renowned Australian and International artists.

Axolotl Art Projects are proud to be a Supporting Partner of Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2017 by providing significant contribution in the form of materials and artisan support to four artists. This year the artists selected for Axolotl sponsorship were Marcel Cousins, Stephen Harrison, Elyssa Sykes-Smith and Fiona Kemp.

We believe that arts and cultural events like Sculpture by the Sea are what keep communities vibrant and active and we are proud to play a small part by supporting these artists to create their artworks. Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2017 is now open and will run until 5 November.

If you are an artist looking for an experienced partner to facilitate your art projects, Axolotl, through our specialist AAP division can offer an extensive range of services. We are unique in our offer of our own specialist surfaces and have experience designing and fabricating across most construction materials. To get in contact email or phone 02 9666 1207.


Elyssa Sykes-Smith
Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2017
Image © Jessica Wyld
A site specific installation that explores the psychological state of being trapped in an intimately familiar, neurotic pattern of thought.
Materials: Concrete, copper wire, steel, Axolotl Copper


Stephen Harrison
Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2017
Unearthed aeroplanes of World war 2, coupled with Stephen’s family history, loss and memory.
Materials: Steel, Axolotl Bronze, patina, Zinc


Fiona Kemp
Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2017
From and early age we are taught, by the use of maps, to view the world through an abstract representation of place. This work consists of seven templates that fit together, like a jigsaw puzzle. Exploring the way objects, images and repetitive practices resonate in memory.
Materials: Mild Steel