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Axolotl delivers the full spectrum


Spectrum is a world first, unique coloured metal surface that is as infinite in potential as it is unique in beauty. 

Our newest surface was developed by our team in response to a vision in ‘blue metal’ by the designers at Futurespace. Never one to walk away from the challenge to usurp the traditional constraints of materials and deliver new creative opportunities, Axolotl set about inventing ’Spectrum'.

Spectrum, and its breathtaking potential, is showcased in a debut project for Savills, by Futurespace. Custom coloured ‘Tanzanite’ blue Stainless Steel sheets have been fitted to the curved interior faces of the stair void. The metallic surface provides a unique way to inject colour and vibrancy into the project with the high shine finish picking up the surrounding light and accentuating the curved walls.

Spectrum is typically available in flat Aluminium and Stainless Steel sheets in sizes up to 2400 x 1200mm and thicknesses from 0.9mm – 3mm.  Panels can also be laser cut to custom shapes and sizes. You can choose from the colours and designs we have developed, or unleash your creativity and design your own unique Spectrum surface with access to the full range of Pantone or CMYK reference colours.

Contact the Axolotl design team on 02 9666 1207 or for more information on Spectrum, or to discuss how it can be used on your next project.