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Axolotl Solid


Axolotl Solid is a new extension of the Axolotl offer. Sheet metals are now able to be patinated in a variety of different colours, from verdi gris, florentine and pearl. Axolotl Solid metals, such as copper, brass, aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel are available in a variety of thicknesses and can be used where sheet metal is required in lieu of our decorative metal coatings. This range offers architects and designers the ability to specify pre-aged panels on a new build or renovation, avoiding bright and inconsistent 'fresh' metal, while ensuring the characteristics of the solid metal are retained.

The recently completed, 
Fender Katsalidis designed 4NC building in Canberra (pictured here), was a great opportunity to launch Axolotl's latest benchmark in aged metals. Axolotl was sought out to provide an aged finish on copper sheeting that was applied to the 8 metre high blades, which became the feature piece in the centre of the building. The copper theme was carried throughout the building, also being applied to several walls and ceilings. Axolotl worked alongside Lend LeaseCBS and Micos in creating a lasting impression on the Canberra landscape. 

The pre-aged copper finish works so well as it gives an established patina to new projects.  The organic nature of the ageing process enables an intended inconsistency in the panels, just as the material would do naturally if left for several years. It also works well in high traffic areas as it prevents marks such as fingerprints and offers the ability to topcoat the copper for further protection.

 A full set of samples will be shown in our next e-card, alongside our other exciting developments in glass, concrete, metal and timber.