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A new door opens.


Introducing the latest addition to Axolotl’s signature door range, this architecturally detailed door in Axolotl Concrete is a world first. Clad in a fluted profiled substrate and coated in our award winning 'shale' concrete, the door appears as though cast from solid concrete, however due to Axolotl’s patented (pending) technology carries none of the associated risks or restrictions of solid concrete which can include weight, need for structural reinforcement, and brittleness causing chipping.

A similar profile on a larger scale looks great in metal also, as illustrated in the recent fit-out at the Ray White head office. Coated in Bronze Florentine, the ridges area of the three dimensional panels are polished to reveal the bronze through the areas of aged florentine.

And the award goes to...


Axolotl are extremely fortunate to work with some of Australia’s most talented designers and architects. It goes without saying then that we are delighted when their efforts are recognised by both their peers and industry bodies. So far this year several teams have received various awards and nominations commending their efforts across various projects involving Axolotl, with just a few featured here. Philip Chia aimed to redefine the traditional food court dining experience at The Galeries Victoria by creating a highly unique and intriguing environment by delving into experimentation with juxtaposing materials. Axolotl provided several unique surfaces such as concrete coated panels with custom carved design, for the bulkhead and ceiling trim. Bronze Viper panels for the kiosk stations, and Treasury Bronze Pearl feature walls.

Commendation Retail Design - The Uncarved Block For The Galeries Victoria The design concept for the lower ground food court at Sydney's TGV aimed to set this unique environment apart from its counterparts in the CBD and stray from the “a-typical” food court approach. Inspired by the existing mix of avant-garde fashion retailers, the current clientele and location, the food court design draws a link between these key influences and the art of consumption conveyed through unique bespoke design elements, materials palette, texture, lighting and furniture.

Melbourne Central was recognised for it’s creative eclecticism and environmental stance, which also offers a unique retail experience. Given the large size of the space, it was important to create a variety of smaller dining areas for different groups of people. Axolotl was called on to produce a divider wall using screens coated in Treasury Bronze Pearl.


Planning wise, the layout defies the number one rule of food courts where sight lines to all tenancies from anywhere are a pre-requisite. At Melbourne Central, deliberately massed visual obstructions breaks up dining zones and changes the overall visual typography. It relies on people’s innate sense of interest and intrigue to explore this environment.


The conversion of the seating pagoda in Dixon Street to an information kiosk to service Chinatown called for a sympathetic and contextual design. The curved glass feature wall, created by Axolotl, is coated in Graphite which has been applied in a bespoke pattern designed by paper-cut artist Pamela Mei-Leng See.

In honour of the late, great Harry Seidler, this park was created for the residents of North Sydney. A large glass blade, supplied by Axolotl, installed at the centre of the space, details the dedication of the park to Harry and his lifetime contribution to architecture.


Designed in conjunction with Phillip Chia from The Uncarved Block, the Axolotl ‘Pod’ is a bespoke construction based on the blueprint of a shipping container, which we tweaked to our exacting requirements. With sustainability in mind, the reusable structure will be recycled for future exhibitions, reconfigured and transformed into an all new stand unrecognisable from the last. This year we featured several amazing world-first products including Timber LINK, Concrete Lace, Chroma and LINK glass along with many other beautiful finishes.

The “Reptilian Chaise” was designed specifically for Axolotl Concrete Bunker, to demonstrate the versatility of our new concrete coating system. The bespoke fabric, imported from Timorous Beasties, played a pivotal role in the design of the chaise - the pattern of the fabric flowing seamlessly into the concrete, creates a juxtaposition of soft and hard surfaces, whilst illustrating the unique properties of the concrete process.


The annual awards, widely regarded as the most prestigious hospitality design prizes in the business, attracted 620 entries from 60 countries. The awards will be judged by the who's-who of the international design and hospitality industries, including Alberto Alessi from Alessi, Joe Ferry from Intercontinental Hotels Group, and editors from Casa Vogue Brazil, Elle Décor India, Frame China and the UK's Sunday Times Style. The winners will be announced at the Royal Institute of British Architects in London on September 6.

Axolotl would like to extend our congratulations to the winners and look forward to partnering on more award winning projects in the future.


Linked In


From the creative minds of the talented team at JPDC, comes the latest venue to hit the Sydney bar scene, 'The Bar' at one of the most prestigious Hotels in Sydney's CBD. Axolotl were engaged by Joseph Pang, principle at JPDC, to design and create the feature walls and signage for the moody interior inspired by a vintage timepiece motif.The luminous backdrop for the bar was fabricated by Axolotl employing a combination of processes and techniques to produce a unique and entirely bespoke feature. Laminated MIRO glass with translucent printed interlayer is inlayed with Axolotl LINK in Rust, demonstrating to great effect Axolotl's ability to combine multiple processes and products across our glass and metal ranges to create something truly original. 

Entry to the bar is flanked with a lasercut feature signage wall in Rust which echoes the timepiece concept and materiality running throughout.

Metal LINK

The entry to this Northern Beaches residence is another stunning example of Axolotl LINK combined with laminated MIRO glass. Here we have inlaid Treasury Bronze into both faces of the glass in a custom screen like design to create depth and a multi-dimensional quality. Laminated with a soft white interlayer, the translucent panel retains sufficient privacy whilst still allowing movement and the transmission of light into the space beyond.

Concrete LINK

The latest addition to the LINK range is our new Concrete surface applied onto or inlaid in to glass. With this particular example we have first applied the concrete entirely to the glass surface, then etched through the concrete, simultaneously articulating the design and creating translucent areas through the glass.

Jewellery box


DesignEx 2012 was another inspiring and successful event with more than 2000 people visiting our stand over three days. It was really exciting to see it all come together and we loved hearing such a positive response from everyone who visited the stand. This year we featured several amazing world-first products including Axolotl Timber, Concrete Lace, Chroma and LINK glass along with many other beautiful finishes. The stand was colourful, innovative and unique, created using the many materials that make up Axolotl. The pictures really do say it all.

A special thank you to Philip Chia and The Uncarved Block team, for once again partnering with us to create the stand, and to all of our suppliers, who have made this years success possible. Thank you to all those who managed to attend, we hope to work with you soon.

DesignEX 2012


Designed in conjunction with Phillip Chia from The Uncarved Block, the Axolotl 'Pod' is a bespoke construction based on the blueprint of a shipping container, which we've tweaked to our exacting requirements. With sustainability in mind, the reusable structure will be recycled for future exhibitions, reconfigured and transformed into an all new stand unrecognisable from the last.

This year Axolotl will be showcasing a range of new products including the Australian International Design Award winning Concrete, our brand new Timber Link range and 'Concrete Jungle' bench seat, another collaboration with the talented team at The Uncarved Block. Alongside we'll be showing a selection of bespoke Axolotl glass and metal classics reworked in inventive and surprising new ways.

You can register for DesignEX free here. Axolotl are at stand number 1240 in Hall 2, not far from the Ebony Bar, make sure you drop by and say hello. We look forward to seeing you there.

Collaboration is something we value highly in all our projects, and for our stand this year we partnered with an incredible team of people. We would like to thank Philip Chia and The Uncarved Block team, Laser and Press, Australian Panel Products, Mott McDonald Engineers, Lasermade, More than Kitchens, EvoStyle, Display by Design and DSK Kitchens.

To refresh your memory, here are some images of Axolotl stands from previous years, designed by Philip Chia, Dale Jones-Evans and Iain Halliday.

Make an Entrance.


Axolotl Showcase: Entry Doors

Axolotl is at the forefront of contemporary surfaces and our range of doors exemplify our unique product. An Axolotl door sets the tone of a home from the outset, establishing character and bespoke quality.

All of the doors we create are custom designed by our design team in ongoing consultation with our clients, allowing our clients complete control and ownership over the process. This inclusive collaboration produces stunning results, some examples of which are shown here.


Grand Entrances


Axolotl doors adorn some of Australia's most prestigious and expensive addresses, with good reason. A grand entrance can increase a home's perceived value by thousands of dollars, which is why investing in a bespoke Axolotl door should be thought of as a smart choice rather than an extravagance. Below we've featured a selection of our recent door projects in situ.

Click here to see the complete range of Axolotl Doors


White is the New Black


A neutral palette can make just as dramatic an impact as colour. The simplicity of white in a design scheme and subtlety of design through form alone can evoke space, clarity and calm. Veil from Axolotl Glass is an ideal way to bring these elements into your design scheme.


Veil Micro is one of the latest products in our Veil glass collection. Using the latest technology, detail as small as 0.5mm can be etched into the face of the glass, creating a permanent design imprint that appears as if floating mid air. Ideal for fine text and intricate forms & patterns, you can choose from one of our standard designs, or use one of your own.

Also brand new to Axolotl's Veil range is Veil Diffuse. Your design is carved into one or both faces of the glass and then one face is matte blasted entirely creating translucency. The sharp edges of the design are diffused and softened creating a subtle effect with the added benefit of privacy, whilst still allowing the transmission of movement and light. Any pattern can be incorporated, the options are quite literally only limited by the imagination.

All products in the Veil range can be used for feature walls, doors, partitions and balustrades just to name a few, for internal and outdoor, commercial and residential applications


2010 Vision Award


Inner city terraces are always in huge demand among home buyers and renovators with their great location, period features and lofty ceiling heights. The big challenge however, is overcoming the issues presented by these often cavernous interiors and the lack of natural light.

Sam Crawford Architects' recent refurbishment of a Newtown terrace illustrates resolutely how once small dark spaces can be gracefully opened and illuminated.

With Axolotl's internal and external glass flooring, light now cascades from one level to the next. The subterranean kitchen space is transformed with light spilling through an external patio glass floor. And the internal glass floor also filters daylight through from the skylit top floor to the middle all the while complementing the glass doors in the passageway.

The floor consists of panels of clear glass laminated with clear PVB interlayers and finished with a seraphic frost non slip surface, so it is as robust and functional as it is decorative.

Unsurprising then that this stunning transformation was Awarded Viridian's 2010 Vision Award for Best Residential Interiors use of glass.

These images clearly demonstrate how glass as a construction medium is ideal for transmission of light and movement, whilst creating a certain degree of privacy and obscurity. The laminated glass is incredibly strong and is no more slippery than other common floor finishes. These qualities open up a realm of possibilities for glass in both residential and commercial spaces.

If you like further information on this project with Q and A's with Sam Crawford, click here to download a pdf brochure. For further information on Axolotl Glass visit our website gallery.


Axolotl 'Vanguard' Doors


Carved Crack - Copper Smooth w Pearl Patina

Oversize doors are more popular now than ever. Which is unsurprising considering the unique statement they make.

Using conventional substrates for oversize doors, however, can present challenges including weight, workability and warping.

The 'Vanguard' door overcomes these restrictions. 'Vanguard' consists of two layers of a specialised composite laminated to an aluminium frame. The outer skin provides a durable layer with long-term structural stability and excellent chemical and moisture resistant properties. The specialised composite allows the faces to be routered or machined to a pre-determined depth without compromising the integrity of the door.

The door featured has a unique 'cracked' design carved into the face of the door continuing across onto the side panel. The door is bonded with Axolotl Copper Smooth Pearl.

However you can take your creative ideas to the limit as the 'Vanguard' door can be bonded with any Axolotl metal and effect.

The same structural technology is also used for gates and garage doors allowing you to coordinate these elements to make a big design statement.

Click Here to see the complete range of Axolotl Doors.