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Think Outside the Box


Garage doors are one of the first features of a residence people see yet often look like they’ve been left to last on the design front. A big part of this is that, until recently, the aesthetic options have been limited to conventional garage doors that look like, well, garage doors. Once again, Axolotl Metal have manipulated form with function to create a range of garage doors that are only limited by your imagination. The substrate of garage doors make them ideal for any of our metals, textures and aging effects and it’s relatively easy to incorporate your lasercut or routered pattern or design to achieve an even more unique and innovative effect. The images here are examples of distinctive garage doors recently completed by Axolotl. Above is a design by artist Susan Cadby where the panels have been lasercut to a custom design and coated in Axolotl Brown Rust. The result is an organic, highly unique piece. Below is a completely different but equally stunning design by architect Michael Folk of Campbell Luscombe Folk Lichtman. The fragmented strip design is coated in just one metal, with the sections defined by different textures, polishing techniques and surface effects to achieve a subtle yet striking result. A complementing Axolotl front door can also be incorporated into a building façade design unifying the completed look.