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A Bright Idea


Capping off another great year in the design trade, the inaugural IDEA awards ceremony was held over the weekend. As an event partner for a second year running, Axolotl collaborated closely with Facet Studio, winner of not only the international category but also the IDEA Emerging Designer Award, to create an awe inspiring glass divider wall using 22 panels of Viridian glass. Based on the theme of a playful Aesops-Fables-esq scene, the edge lit glass was etched with the theme on the rear face and painted strips on the front to give the passer by a unique experience and insight into the possibilities of the glass medium. The theme comes alive with the effect, as the animals displayed appear to move with every step.

Working with Facet again, in conjunction with Balvenie Scotch, Axolotl was called on to create a circular pop up bar for the Awards, constructed of stained wood, with an aged copper countertop crowned with an etched Balvenie logo. The awards themselves were also created by Axolotl, adopting the same theme as last year, these awards were coated in aged aluminium with a combination of textures overall highlighting the refined IDEA logo. In all, the night was a resounding success and we would like to offer our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and the IDEA team.


"Their Story" in Axolotl


Next in our feature on public art is this stunning piece by artist Susan Cadby. Titled "Their Story", the artwork commands full attention situated alongside the The Hub community centre in Ropes Crossing, the new Delphin Lend Lease community in Sydney's west.The design which celebrates native birds and flora, is lasercut in 5mm mild steel panels and then bonded with Axolotl Brown Rust. Both aesthetic and functional, the lasercut openings allow the breeze to flow through, whilst casting playful shadows onto the ground. At night soft lighting transforms the screens into a luminous set of native wildlife against the night sky.

The 50 square metres of screens also function as operable swinging gates, allowing the area to be opened up or sectioned off as required.

Innovation Through Collaboration


This visual feast is brought to you by Axolotl in partnership with some of Australia's mostillustrious designers and architects. The scope of works demonstrates Axolotl's versatility and flexibility - no matter how challenging the task.

At Axolotl we relish any opportunities to push the boundaries in collaboration with talented design professionals.  As you can see the outcomes are stunning.


Reception counter in Axolotl Bronze Florentine

Transport House, Sydney

Design: Nicholas Graham & Associates


Surround in Axolotl Treasury Bronze Pearl

'The Grantham' luxury apartments, Potts Point

Design: Alex Popov & SJB

pink fountain.jpg

Water Feature in Polished Graphite and Hot Pink

Private Residence, Sydney

Design: Dale Jones-Evans


Advanx Sculpture by Axolotl Metal


As part of our showcase on public art projects, we are privileged to have worked with renowned Sydney art duo Susan Milne and Greg Stonehouse on a number of projects. Most recently Axolotl again had the opportunity to work with Milne & Stonehouse on a site specific installation commissioned for the new Advanx Apartments in Rushcutters Bay. The site of the development was previously the Advanx tyre factory which provided inspiration for the sculptures. Manufactured in aluminium, the structures which range up to 4 metres in height, are bonded with Axolotl Zinc. The lasercut fragments of tyre treads are paralleled by plant fossil prints which Axolotl have etched onto each of the multi faceted elements. As interpreted by Milne and Stonehouse, the piece explores the layered print of plant life with the imprint of humans.

Advanx Sculpture by Milne & Stonehouse

'Touching Lightly' with Axolotl Glass


Axolotl has a long history of collaborating with some of Australia's leading artists. It's always a thrill to be approached to work on these projects and we have recently completed three large scale public art pieces by three different artists which we will showcase over the coming weeks.

Warren Langley, one of Australia's most acclaimed glass and light artists, has produced numerous installations incorporating Axolotl glass. Recently Warren was commissioned to create a site specific sculpture for the newly opened Canberra Glassworks. The artists centre is located in the converted buildings of the old Kingston Powerhouse complex on the lake foreshores in Kingston, ACT.

Titled 'Touching Lightly', the 23m high tower consists of a galvanised steel frame surrounded by Axolotl formed glass and rings of LED lights creating a low energy feature on the site of the old chimney stack. Each of the 56 panels of low iron glass were formed by Axolotl into a unique custom texture, which were then curved and mounted to the frame creating over 100 square metres of glass skin enveloping the entire structure.

Axolotl at DesignEX 2010


Axolotl Lucent was shortlisted for Best New Product at DesignEX this year. We of course, are thrilled but not surprised. This unique and innovative product, takes glass to a new level of possibilities. Panels are deep carved to a standard or custom design, and injected with transparent dyes creating a colour feature that can represent understated simplicity or a dramatic kaleidoscope of colour.

Lucent naturally features on our stand, injecting a green hue into the angled glass blades forming one wall of the stand. The facing wall of double lasercut screens in Axolotl Treasury Bronze mirrors the three dimensional design of the Lucent panels.

Our new timber inspired range, Ingrain, forms the wall paneling in Pewter, and in Bronze Florentine for the flooring, demonstrating both its versatility as well as durability. A floating bench, bonded with Axolotl Cayman contrasts beautifully with a splash of lawn.

Illuminated Miro glass laminated panels displaying vibrant images of butterflies line the interior walls and a section of the floor features Axolotl Lunar flooring in Pewter. The entire structure is wrapped in Axolotl Viper in Bronze from our Skin collection.

Special to thanks to our partners: Philip Chia, JSB Lighting, Bang & Olufsen, Sydney Glass, Linea Interiors and De De Ce.

Fences by Axolotl Metal


Security and privacy are essential criteria for most commercial and residential projects, but often it’s a challenge to achieve both without compromising the aesthetics or overall design concept. Gates and fences bonded with Axolotl Metal provide a beautifully practical solution to this design dilemma. Axolotl Metal is an ideal material for external screening and security elements due to its durable, weather resistant characteristics and its ability to be bonded to practically any material.

Custom designed lasercut steel, CFC or phenolic resin panels bonded with Axolotl Metal allow maximum control over levels of privacy whilst creating a striking feature. Even more complex forms can be achieved by stacking or layering panels and incorporating different metals, textures and patinas.


Think Outside the Box


Garage doors are one of the first features of a residence people see yet often look like they’ve been left to last on the design front. A big part of this is that, until recently, the aesthetic options have been limited to conventional garage doors that look like, well, garage doors. Once again, Axolotl Metal have manipulated form with function to create a range of garage doors that are only limited by your imagination. The substrate of garage doors make them ideal for any of our metals, textures and aging effects and it’s relatively easy to incorporate your lasercut or routered pattern or design to achieve an even more unique and innovative effect. The images here are examples of distinctive garage doors recently completed by Axolotl. Above is a design by artist Susan Cadby where the panels have been lasercut to a custom design and coated in Axolotl Brown Rust. The result is an organic, highly unique piece. Below is a completely different but equally stunning design by architect Michael Folk of Campbell Luscombe Folk Lichtman. The fragmented strip design is coated in just one metal, with the sections defined by different textures, polishing techniques and surface effects to achieve a subtle yet striking result. A complementing Axolotl front door can also be incorporated into a building façade design unifying the completed look.


Winning Combination


Art has been a major part of Axolotl since its inception. We have worked with some of Australia's best artists and sculptors including Richard Goodwin, Colin Lancely, Janet Lawrence, Warren Langley, Terrence Plowright and Gaye Porter.

We're very excited to continue our involvement with another talented artist at this year's Sculpture by the Sea.

Taking out the major award this year is Mark McLelland's 1.5 tonne sculpture. 'She Thought' is  manufactured from mild steel and bonded with Axolotl Treasury Bronze.

You'll find 'She Thought' at the top of the hill framing the ocean at the end of Marks Park along the sculpture walk between Bondi and Tamarama.

Sculpture by the Sea is on now and runs until 2 November.