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Jewellery box


DesignEx 2012 was another inspiring and successful event with more than 2000 people visiting our stand over three days. It was really exciting to see it all come together and we loved hearing such a positive response from everyone who visited the stand. This year we featured several amazing world-first products including Axolotl Timber, Concrete Lace, Chroma and LINK glass along with many other beautiful finishes. The stand was colourful, innovative and unique, created using the many materials that make up Axolotl. The pictures really do say it all.

A special thank you to Philip Chia and The Uncarved Block team, for once again partnering with us to create the stand, and to all of our suppliers, who have made this years success possible. Thank you to all those who managed to attend, we hope to work with you soon.

Glass that Benz


Combining technical genius with beauty is the hallmark of Mercedes automotive design.

Likewise, Axolotl took glass to a whole new level with these formed and printed glass panels. Featuring the images of Carl Benz and other Mercedes designers, the panels were commissioned by Mercedes Benz for the Sydney and Melbourne Motor Shows.

Axolotl offers a vast range of signage solutions including formed glass, deep carved and matt blasted. With the introduction of an automatic cutting and enlargement processor, intricate design work, such as the work for Mercedes Benz, can now be replicated in any signage formats.

Institute of Sport


Axolotl’s Pearl Lustre glass was the material of choice for the NSW Institute of Sport’s new premises at Olympic Park. The feature wall designed by Leffler Simes, is repeated in illuminated signage, whereby creating coloured areas with the lightbox takes Lustre into a whole new dimension.

And with Axolotl’s new Protektzone sealer coat specifically developed for Lustre glass, you can be confident that your glass will continue to light up your project way after other materials may have faded into the background.