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Axolotl Solid


Axolotl Solid is a new extension of the Axolotl offer. Sheet metals are now able to be patinated in a variety of different colours, from verdi gris, florentine and pearl. Axolotl Solid metals, such as copper, brass, aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel are available in a variety of thicknesses and can be used where sheet metal is required in lieu of our decorative metal coatings. This range offers architects and designers the ability to specify pre-aged panels on a new build or renovation, avoiding bright and inconsistent 'fresh' metal, while ensuring the characteristics of the solid metal are retained.

The recently completed, 
Fender Katsalidis designed 4NC building in Canberra (pictured here), was a great opportunity to launch Axolotl's latest benchmark in aged metals. Axolotl was sought out to provide an aged finish on copper sheeting that was applied to the 8 metre high blades, which became the feature piece in the centre of the building. The copper theme was carried throughout the building, also being applied to several walls and ceilings. Axolotl worked alongside Lend LeaseCBS and Micos in creating a lasting impression on the Canberra landscape. 

The pre-aged copper finish works so well as it gives an established patina to new projects.  The organic nature of the ageing process enables an intended inconsistency in the panels, just as the material would do naturally if left for several years. It also works well in high traffic areas as it prevents marks such as fingerprints and offers the ability to topcoat the copper for further protection.

 A full set of samples will be shown in our next e-card, alongside our other exciting developments in glass, concrete, metal and timber.


Happy New Year 2013


After a short break we are back to work refreshed and ready to tackle all of your exciting new projects. By the end of 2012 we were able to look back on a broad range of creative projects, from multi-story corporate fit outs to hand crafted sculptures. One of the later projects was this custom feature wall for the Ministry of Sound Headquarters in Sydney’s Darlinghurst. Andrew Cliffe from The World is Round adopted our popular Doric entry door, to be used as a concrete feature wall at the reception. The surface creates a beautiful shadow play as the varied light in the room plays with the corrugated surface.

A different, but also unique project, was the featured custom glass privacy screen for a clients guest ensuite. The Axolotl design team worked very closely with the client to achieve something new for the company and offer the client their perfect fade position from translucent to clear. The finished result enables the client to enjoy an outside view while showering, yet retaining privacy.

Walking Blank


'Walking Blank' is a sculpture by Canberra artist Rosalind Lemoh. Using a taxidermists mannequin (referred to as a blank), the deer has been remodelled and coated in Axolotl Graphite, to create a sleek industrial form that explores the relationship between the natural and urban environment.

A Bright Idea


Capping off another great year in the design trade, the inaugural IDEA awards ceremony was held over the weekend. As an event partner for a second year running, Axolotl collaborated closely with Facet Studio, winner of not only the international category but also the IDEA Emerging Designer Award, to create an awe inspiring glass divider wall using 22 panels of Viridian glass. Based on the theme of a playful Aesops-Fables-esq scene, the edge lit glass was etched with the theme on the rear face and painted strips on the front to give the passer by a unique experience and insight into the possibilities of the glass medium. The theme comes alive with the effect, as the animals displayed appear to move with every step.

Working with Facet again, in conjunction with Balvenie Scotch, Axolotl was called on to create a circular pop up bar for the Awards, constructed of stained wood, with an aged copper countertop crowned with an etched Balvenie logo. The awards themselves were also created by Axolotl, adopting the same theme as last year, these awards were coated in aged aluminium with a combination of textures overall highlighting the refined IDEA logo. In all, the night was a resounding success and we would like to offer our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and the IDEA team.


With the Grain.


Designed by Michael McCann from Dreamtime Australia Design, the new Grain bar at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney, is the perfect debut for our latest innovation, Axolotl Timber. By applying semi precious metals onto timbers or timber veneers and manipulating the raw materials, a unique surface element is created. The organic warmth of the timber grain contrasts the industrial lustre of the metal to stunning effect, as demonstrated here on the Axolotl Timber feature wall. Michael McCann hand selected a beautiful American Cherrywood for Axolotl Gold Bronze, which has been applied in a custom geometric pattern.

Axolotl Timber offers an unlimited design canvas through being able to combine any metal design onto a vast range of timbers.

Says Michael, "Grain has been designed as a unique “artisan” bar, blending a variety of commissioned artist finishes and features in timber and other medium. The name “Grain” was selected to reflect this – i.e. “Grains used in alcohol distillation" & “Woodgrain”. Grain features a blend of highly creative features bordering on the theatrical – yet at the same time elegant, warm and comfortable with a creativity-focused interior. Axolotl Timber plays a pivotal role in helping us realise this concept ".

Another great use of Axolotl Timber was recently illustrated at our DesignEx 2012 Exhibition. Below is a video of the stand, created by Steve Brown.

[vimeo w=640&h=360]

Axolotl at DesignEx 2012 from Axolotl on Vimeo.

DesignEX 2012


Designed in conjunction with Phillip Chia from The Uncarved Block, the Axolotl 'Pod' is a bespoke construction based on the blueprint of a shipping container, which we've tweaked to our exacting requirements. With sustainability in mind, the reusable structure will be recycled for future exhibitions, reconfigured and transformed into an all new stand unrecognisable from the last.

This year Axolotl will be showcasing a range of new products including the Australian International Design Award winning Concrete, our brand new Timber Link range and 'Concrete Jungle' bench seat, another collaboration with the talented team at The Uncarved Block. Alongside we'll be showing a selection of bespoke Axolotl glass and metal classics reworked in inventive and surprising new ways.

You can register for DesignEX free here. Axolotl are at stand number 1240 in Hall 2, not far from the Ebony Bar, make sure you drop by and say hello. We look forward to seeing you there.

Collaboration is something we value highly in all our projects, and for our stand this year we partnered with an incredible team of people. We would like to thank Philip Chia and The Uncarved Block team, Laser and Press, Australian Panel Products, Mott McDonald Engineers, Lasermade, More than Kitchens, EvoStyle, Display by Design and DSK Kitchens.

To refresh your memory, here are some images of Axolotl stands from previous years, designed by Philip Chia, Dale Jones-Evans and Iain Halliday.

Chinese Lantern


Axolotl projects: Feature glass in Chinatown 

Those visiting the bustling inner Sydney district of Chinatown recently will have been treated to the dazzling glow of red light from a new information kiosk.

This concept was designed by Frost* Design and Lacoste + Stevenson Architects, with feature glass supplied by Axolotl.

The feature walls were created using toughened and curved glass, with a textured Graphite design adding dimension and tactile interest. Daytime throws sun onto graphite creating shine, whilst at night the kiosk comes alive with the area being backlit to contrast the red with solid graphite.

David Stevenson explains the concept, "The conversion of the seating pagoda in Dixon Street to an information kiosk to service Chinatown called for a sympathetic and contextual design. The design approach is to treat the new enclosure as a patterned red lantern by day which is illuminated by night. The lantern is inserted inside the existing pagoda structure and is clearly understood as a new volume. It consists of 2 semi-circular volumes that are clad with patterned, curved glass; the pattern was created by paper-cut artist Pamela Mei-Leng See with cultural reference to the Chinese community including flowers, fish and birds. The sliding semi-circle of glass screens open to reveal a hot red interior that houses a wall of shelving for brochures, pamphlets and tourist information."

This project was made possible thanks to: City of Sydney, Frost* Design, Lacoste + Stevenson Architects, Lighting, Art & Science, Simpson Design Associates, Philip Chun, Morris Goding, Pamela Mei-Leng See, Growthbuilt, AGP Group (Architectural Glass Projects), Bent & Curved, DDK Electrical Services Pty Limited, Top Class Joinery Pty Limited and Axolotl.

Culture Shift


Axolotl projects: LINK entry facade, Delhi. From a recent collaboration between Axolotl and Michael McCann from Dreamtime Australia Design comes this stunning entry door and facade for Aman Hotel in New Delhi, India.

Utilising the award winning Axolotl LINK, the pattern spans 4 separate panels at the full height of the entrance, bringing an air of grandeur that befits the calibre of the Aman brand. LINK is a totally unique process where iron is inlaid into glass and rusted to create virtually any design at all.

McCann explained to Axolotl that when designing he set out to blend the modern and contemporary with the cultural traditions of the area. The result is a pattern inspired by local textiles and mosaics found in New Delhi.

The final result is a great example of the international capabilities of Axolotl and proves good design combined with bespoke materials is unrestricted by time or distance.

Make an Entrance.


Axolotl Showcase: Entry Doors

Axolotl is at the forefront of contemporary surfaces and our range of doors exemplify our unique product. An Axolotl door sets the tone of a home from the outset, establishing character and bespoke quality.

All of the doors we create are custom designed by our design team in ongoing consultation with our clients, allowing our clients complete control and ownership over the process. This inclusive collaboration produces stunning results, some examples of which are shown here.