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Custom Homes


In 1995 Sydney based Axolotl, launched its surfaces business with a world first - Axolotl Metal.

A unique liquid application comprised of real, semi-precious metals means Axolotl Metal can be applied to the surface of any substrate giving the beauty of solid metal, but without any of the restrictions.

Over the past 20 years Axolotl have continued to expand the realms of design and architecture with the ability to not just manipulate metal, but bring unique and endless design possibilities to a range of surfaces, such as glass, timber, terracotta, stone and concrete. Virtually any household surface or product can be re-imagined as a unique expression of your design vision.

Every product is put through rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest standards of performance, and has been the choice for many high end and high traffic commercial projects, such as Tiffany & Co and Sydney International Airport. It most often also delivers advantages in logistics, sustainability, as well as cost. 

Globally recognised for their innovation Axolotl continues to win awards.  Recently awarded the Australian International Design Award for Axolotl Concrete, both the terracotta and concrete range were also awarded gold and platinum awards for Design Excellence.. Axolotl products are also referenced in the New York Material Connexion database and were featured in our own Powerhouse Museum here in Sydney for 12 months. 

Managing Director, Kris Torma, tells us that the business does not intend to rest on its very successful laurels. “We started off as a metal surface alternative … but over the years we see ourselves just as much as an innovation and ideas business, constantly testing the paradigms of how materials can be manipulated and enhanced to deliver exceptional and original design - hence our new mission to be  ‘The Future of Surface’”

In line with this ongoing quest to inspire and innovate is the recent launch of Axolotl Architectural Paints. The paints themselves deliver the crafted quality that is synonymous with Axolotl, enhanced with the latest technical innovations. Combined with Axolotl's understanding of materiality and colour in the built environment, the range is offered in a limited edition, curated palette of on trend colours and effects.

The range has also been developed from the perspective of environmental respect and conservation, and is water based, has low and zero VOC's. It is easy to use and comes in a range of acrylic paint, micaceous iron oxides and timber washes. The paints are available for internal and external application.

Just as European appliances add value to your home, it seems that having Axolotl will offer the same cache. Just how you use it is entirely up to you.