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Axolotl provides design solutions for architects, designers and builders through a range of authentic metal, concrete, terrazzo and terracotta coatings, and are suppliers of solid surface, timber veneers, stone, paint, sheet metal and architectural glass.

The company was founded in July 1995, after many years of R&D into the area of metal manipulation for surface application realised a world first – the ability to adhere genuine metal to the surface of any substrate, rendering the surface with the appearance of solid metal, but without any of its limitations. In the 24 years since inception, Axolotl has continued to develop products and services that are true to the original DNA of the business and now offer ten core surface applications, with infinite combinations. 

Axolotl extends both the design and construction potential of any project to become a unique source of inspiration for architects and designers. Its team is dedicated to working with you to fully realise the potential of Axolotl products and provide a customised service from conception to completion.



Axolotl was founded in July 1995 after extensive research and development by the company’s founders, brothers Kris and Kim Torma.

Axolotl is based in Sydney, Australia and has factories operating in the UK, Hong Kong, China, India and the US. It is in its 25th year of business and currently employs twenty four full-time staff in its head office. The Sydney operation consists of a modern 11,000 square foot factory facility in Matraville.

Axolotl is proudly Australian owned and operated.



Creativity and integrity have always driven Axolotl, be it designing, manufacturing processes or how we work with clients. When it comes to our people we are guided by fairness, equal opportunity and mutual respect alongside the talent and passion to always deliver the best. People are also at the centre of our manufacturing philosophy where safety and occupational health is prioritised. We never lose sight that everything we create exists and impacts on the environment and we constantly assess our materials and process to ensure the integrity of the process and the end product. There has always been an implicit environmental driver for all our New Product Development – if it doesn’t improve on the current footprint, then it isn’t worth exploring.



At Axolotl we are committed to preserving the environment for future generations and use recycled materials and sustainable products wherever possible. Naturally, the best form of recycling has always been the simple act of passing something on. Beautiful quality ensures longevity. Axolotl products are executed to the highest standard and designed to become heirlooms for future generations.

Metal | Our metals are applied as a veneer and use significantly less metal and less power than the traditional cast or sheet metal process. It is far cleaner with much reduced pollution created through production. Only 100% recycled metals are used.

Concrete | The quantity of raw materials required for 1 square metre of our concrete coating is just 2% of raw materials required for the same surface area of solid concrete. This translates to a fraction of the carbon emissions of the production of solid concrete.

Terracotta | Axolotl Terracotta uses recycled minerals within its coating system and requires no kiln firing reducing carbon emissions. Solid terracotta objects have inherent shrinkage and limited strength, this means that far more units would be required to fulfil a project when accounting for breakages. 

Timber | As we are dealing with natural resources on a daily basis, we always ensure that all the timber we work with is harvested in a sustainable, ethical and renewable manor. Plantation hardwoods and FSC timbers are environmentally friendly and provide us a beautiful renewable resource without destroying rainforests.

Stone | By using Axolotl Stone Surface in place of solid stone, we save more than 95% of natural resources in the form of stone, sand and cement and leave a smaller environmental footprint.  And Axolotl Stone Surface panels weigh up to 20 times less than that of a solid stone object of the same size, making them easier to transport and handle.

Solar | Axolotl installed a 10kW trackable solar system at Axolotl House, which not only services the property but provides power back to the grid. A 50kW system, equating to approx 1000sqm of solar panels has been recently installed on the roof of our factory in Matraville. The power this system provides meets, and surpasses, our monthly electricity requirements.

Paint | Axolotl architectural paints are water based and contain low or minimal VOC's,

Glass | Our glass products completes our commitment to the environment by being 100% recyclable.


50kw solar panel system on the roof of the Axolotl factory in Matraville

10kW trackable solar system at Axolotl House in the Hunter Valley



Community means a lot to us here at Axolotl. Building positive relationships, providing charitable support and enriching our neighbourhood is an important part of what we do. Axolotl has an established program of community and philanthropic partnerships, with a specific focus on emerging Australian design and creating job opportunities for those with economic, physical and intellectual disabilities. 

Some of our community involvement in the past includes:


Sculpture by the SeaAxolotl Art Projects is excited to announce it's commitment as a Supporting Partner of Australia’s iconic, Sculpture by the Sea for the third year. Selected artists receive a significant contribution in the form of materials and artisan support to help realise their vision. They will be able to choose from the full palette of Axolotl surfaces including metals, stone, terracotta and glass, affording the artist the ability to reinterpret any surface into something completely unique.

Good Design |  With a history that dates back to 1958 Good Design Australia is an international design promotion organisation responsible for managing Australia’s annual Good Design Awards and other signature design events.

IDEA |  The Interior Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) is Australia’s largest and most successful independent design awards program. Launched by inside magazine in 2003, the program celebrates the best of Australian interior and product design across 13 categories and five Special Awards.

Habitus House of the Year |  Habitus House of the Year is a new program honouring outstanding residential design in the Indo-Pacific.

DesignEX | Australia's premier interiors and architectural event. DesignEX is an industry platform from which to share inspiration and innovation - a  platform where design is celebrated, design leaders are honoured, the young and new can learn, flourish and grow and cutting edge ideas and practices are showcased.

The Design Centre Enmore | is Sydney TAFE’s creative hub, home to many of Australia’s best-known design courses. They offer a wide variety of design disciplines on one campus. Students can pursue studies in industrial, jewellery, graphic, interior, event and entertainment design, 3D animation, concept art and illustration.

Sydney Design Week | Young Designer of the Year Award

Colour Interaction Conference | Major Sponsor

AFA  | The Australian Furniture Association (AFA) is the peak Australian industry association for the furniture sector supply chain. The AFA is committed to helping Australian businesses with a focus on building competitive and sustainable business models and to promote the profitable growth, competitiveness, innovation, and the export readiness of its members.

UTS | Major sponsor for the graduating students.



Axolotl has always pursued the creation of opportunity for people who are often marginalised through ability or background. We are committed to ongoing employment of individuals through organisations including:

JobSupport | JobSupport’s mission is to place, train and maintain as many people with a significant intellectual disability as possible into quality jobs in the regular workforce that meet both their employment needs and the needs of the employer.

Handbrake Turn | An initiative of Concern Australia that provides hands-on training in practical real-world skills together with social support. The program aims to transform the lives of young people aged 15 to 19 who have difficulty within the mainstream education system.

NSW Correctional Work Release | Work Release/Education and Vocational Training Programs allow selected inmates to go to employment, education and vocational training in the community while continuing to serve the latter portion of their sentences in minimum-security conditions within a correctional centre. Staff are to make every effort to assist suitable inmates to gain employment, education and vocational training course participation that is both meaningful and potentially beneficial upon release.



2019 CV Magazine | Most Innovative Architecture & Design Solutions Provider - Australia 

2019 ADEX Awards | Lustre Spectrum |  Platinum Award for Design Excellence.

2019 ADEX Awards | Axolotl Terrazzo |  Platinum Award for Design Excellence.

2019 Australian Enterprise Awards | Interior/Exterior Metal Coating Innovators of the Year.

2018 Lux Life Leading Designers Awards | Most Innovative Multi-disciplinary Design Firm - Australia.

2018 Award for employing workers with an intellectual disability for more than 20 years | JobSuppprt.

2018 Apac Insider | Leading Architectural Product Supplier.

2018 ADEX Awards | Mojo Luxe Bathware | Platinum Award for Design Excellence.

2018 ADEX Awards | Axolotl Paint | Finalist

2018 ADEX Awards | Spectrum | Finalist

2017 Excellence in Asia Pacific Award | Excellence in Environmental Architecture - Australia.

2017 Sydney Design Awards | Gold Winner | Mojo Luxe Bath Ware.

2017 Good Design Award | Mojo Luxe Bath Ware.

2017 Australian Enterprise Awards |  Best Global Architectural Products Supplier.

2017 Best of Houzz Design.

2016 Good Design Selection | Halo Glass.

2015 Luminaire Design Award of  Excellence | Light Sculptures and Installation Award - designed by Donn Salisbury.

2015 ADEX Awards | Axolotl Terracotta | Gold Award for Design Excellence.

2015 ADEX Awards | Axolotl Concrete |  Platinum Award for Design Excellence.

2015 WAN Awards Shortlist | Axolotl Terracotta | Product Innovation Facades.

2014 Axolotl Concrete |  Recognised by Design Journal as one of the best products of 2014.

2014 Axolotl Concrete |  Recognised by Archinterious as one of the best products of 2014.

2014 Melbourne Design Awards | Axolotl Terracotta | Winner Product Design - Commercial and Industry.

2014 Sydney Design Awards | Winner Design Manufacturer - Made in Sydney. 

2014 Sydney Design Awards | Finalist Marketing - Branded Experience.

2014 DesignEX | Best Product manufactured in Australia | Anomaly.

2014 DesignEX | Best Sustainable Product | Anomaly.

2014 Good Design Award | Kintsugi Vessels | Anomaly.

2013 Finalist (one of three from over 200 submissions worldwide) 520sqm sculptural glass wall for Hong Kong International Airport. Invitation only.

2012 Axolotl Concrete and LINK | Voted ‘Material of Excellence’ and selected for inclusion into the material archive by New York’s prestigious ‘Material ConneXion Resource Library’

2011 Australian International Design Award for Architectural & Interior Products | Axolotl Concrete | Winner.

2011 Selected by AIDA for exhibition at the world’s largest design expo, Design Korea 2011. | Axolotl Concrete.

2011 Exhibited at the Powerhouse Museum‘Success and Innovation Showcase’  for 12 months | Axolotl Concrete.

2011 Award for employing workers with an intellectual disability for more than 10 years  | JobSuppprt

2010 Viridian’s Vision Award for Best Residential Interiors use of glass (designed by Sam Crawford Architects) | Axolotl Glass.

2008 Designex | Winner Best Stand 30-70m. 

2008 Designex | Winner Best Dressed Stand – SIDA Foundation. 

2008 Designex | Winner Best New Product for ‘Link’.

2006 Designex | Winner Best Stand 30-70m.

2006 Designex | Winner Best New Product for ‘the Signature Series.

2004 Designex | Winner Best Dressed Stand – SIDA Foundation.

2003 Telstra Small Business Awards | Finalist.

2003 Employer of the Year Award | Finalist.

2002 National Business and GIO Product Innovation Award | Winner. 

2001 Axolotl Metal - Voted ‘Material of Excellence’ and selected for inclusion into the material archive by New York’s prestigious ‘Material ConneXion Resource Library’.

1999 Australia Post Small Business of the Year Award | Winner.

1999 Australian Business President’s Prize for ‘Success Through Innovation’ | Winner.

1999 Telstra Small Business Awards | Finalist.

1999 DesignEx | Best New Product.

1998 DesignEx | Best New Product.

1998 Accepted into the Australian Technology Showcase with the first round of companies.

1998 Member of the NSWDSRD High Growth Business Program.

1998 DesignEx | Winner of Vogue Living Best Stand under 30m2 Award.

1998 Employer of the Year Award | Finalist. 

1997 Australia Post Small Business of the Year Award | Finalist.

1997 Yellow Pages Business Ideas Grants | Finalist.




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