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Outdoor spaces are an essential part of Australian lifestyle. Axolotl surfaces features extensively in many beautifully designed courtyards, backyards and other open-air spaces. Exterior architectural elements such as bowls, planters, water features, sculptures, feature walls and screens bonded with Axolotl surfaces make for a stunning feature.

Axolotl surfaces are developed to withstand the harsh external elements of our climate. Axolotl Aged Metals are patinated to a point then frozen in time to prevent further aging or leaching.

Axolotl Metal is equally pertinent whether it be a large scale rusted sculpture set amongst towering trees in a sprawling estate, or a tranquil water feature and row of planter boxes in Zinc or Bronze in a contemporary urban oasis. Luscious greenery set against Axolotl Metal creates a perfectly juxtaposed composition for any outdoor room.